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Puk Pipe: The 6-Shooter Piece with 6 Bowls

Puk Pipe: The 6-Shooter Piece with 6 Bowls


Puk Pipe: The 6-Shooter Piece with 6 Bowls

The Puk Pipe

Have you ever come home from the dispensary with a few different strains and been unsure which to smoke first. You’re excited to try them all, but mixing them in the same bowl would defeat the purpose. After all, you want to compare them to one another – not mash them all into one piece. Now, thanks to the Puk Pipe, you can do just this.

Normally, you’d have to get a number of different pipes and load up each one with a different strain to accomplish this goal. But that’s too cumbersome.

Introducing the Puk Pipe, one pipe with six different bowls. Now you can load up to six different strains and smoke them all during the same session. All without having to use six different pipes.

How The Puk Pipe Works

Puk Pipe: The 6-Shooter Piece with 6 Bowls

The Puk Pipe was designed by former NASA employee Kevin Bruns, and it shows in the piece’s simple but highly functional structure.

Shaped like a hockey puck, the invention allows for you to indulge in up to six separate strains – all in one sitting. From an aerial view, the pipe looks like a revolver – and it functions similarly too.

Just rotate the piece to put the desired bud over the chamber, spark up, and enjoy. Once you’re finished with that chamber, just rotate and repeat.

Each bowl holds up to 0.5 grams of bud, and with 6 chambers, that means the Puk Pipe can hold up to 3 grams of weed in total. Despite this rather large payload, the piece itself is small and discreet enough to carry around.

Plus, the case it comes with allows for easy transportation that ensures your weed stays securely in its place.

The company offers the pipe in a variety of colors, and they can make it out of either wood or glass. In addition to the six bowls, the pipe comes with six screens and an air-tight tin housing container.

The Final Hit

Whether you like to compare bud, or are just plain indecisive when you sit down to smoke, the Puk Pipe may be for you. With a potential six different options to choose from, you’ll always have something available at the simple twist of the piece.

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