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The QB-GON Grinder Changes Everything We Know About Bud Preparation

The QB-GON Grinder Changes Everything We Know About Bud Preparation


The QB-GON Grinder Changes Everything We Know About Bud Preparation

The QB-GON Grinder

The Big Idea

Grinding your ganja is actually a pretty big deal. It’s how you get the most out of your stash, it’s how you ensure a nice, smooth, even smoke, and it’s what lets you really tap into the unique smells and textures of your bud. Despite all this, it seems like most of us rely on the same grinder designs. But a new cannabis company has just come up with the QB-GON grinder, and it will literally change everything we know about how we prep our bud.

That Thing’s A Grinder?

The QB-GON Grinder Changes Everything We Know About Bud Preparation

Right off the bat the first thing most people notice when they see a QB-GON grinder is its unique look. It doesn’t look anything like the grinders we’re used to seeing.

Instead of being a plastic or metal cylinder, the QB-GON is a series of stackable wooden squares. But this isn’t just an aesthetic choice. This design is the foundation of everything the grinder’s trying to accomplish.

Each wooden square houses a rotating blade. When multiple squares are stacked up on top of one another, it creates a column of rotating blades, protected by a beautiful, natural looking wooden body.

These stacked up blades give you a clean chopping effect rather than the coarse grinding motion traditional grinders rely on. Think of it like using a stack of six super sharp scissors at the same time. After a nug passes through the stack of rotating blades, it’s been cleanly cut down into an even, fine grind, perfect for packing into a bowl or rolling into a joint.

“Attempts to redesign and innovate have been made, such as adding various compartments altering the ‘grip’ to make it easier to turn,” said the company’s Indiegogo page. “However, there has been no real successful attempt to revolutionize the grinder, until now.”

“We knew there were no shortcuts, we had to break the grinder down to its core, re-design it and re-invent it to bring you a product like no other, one that would truly enhance the grinding experience.”

The Nitty Gritty: Details, Features, and Specs

The QB-GON Grinder Changes Everything We Know About Bud Preparation

Each QB-GON square is made out of either walnut or beech wood. And the rotating blades are all made out of super strong and durable stainless steel. To stack individual blocks, simply line them up and use the built-in locking mechanism to secure them in place.

The asymmetrical blades ensure that your herb doesn’t just fall through untouched, but is instead cleanly chopped up into an even grind by each and every blade. And depending on how you align your blocks, you can control how coarse or fine the final product is.

The outer wooden body is finished with a nontoxic combination of food grade olive oil and beeswax. That means there aren’t any nasty chemicals or plastics that might contaminate your bud.

Finally, the QB-GON grinder comes with removable mesh screens and metal plates to further let you customize your grinding experience. You can use these screens to collect a super fine grind or the kief that falls off while the flowers are being chopped. Or you can stack up your blocks and trays to collect slightly bigger chunks of bud.

“We have an elegant design that is hand-made,” said Kostas, the genius behind the new grinder. “And our concept is out of the box.”

The Final Hit

At the end of the day, there’s no denying that the QB-GON grinder is hell-bent on shaking things up. Starting with it’s unexpected and entirely unique appearance, and moving through its modular design of rotating blades and removable screens and trays, this thing is definitely a new grinding experience. And although you still can’t get one in your local head shop, you can reserve your own QB-GON by contributing to the company’s Indiegogo page. They plan to begin shipping grinders sometime this fall.

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