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Roll-uh-Bowl Lets You Get Adventurous With Your Bong

Roll-uh-Bowl Lets You Get Adventurous With Your Bong


Roll-uh-Bowl Lets You Get Adventurous With Your Bong

Introducing The Roll-uh-Bowl

A bong is probably not on your list of standard backpacking, hiking, or outdoor gear, which is a serious bummer because outdoor adventures are when you’re going to find some of the most incredible smoke spots of your life. Until now, meet the Roll-uh-Bowl.

The problem is that traditional bongs are too expensive, too fragile, and too big to really bring along on outdoor adventures. And although any good cannabis user is going to come up with some way to get high on these outings, it’d be amazing to be able to take a super smooth, clean, heavy bong rip to celebrate reaching the summit or bombing some super technical single track.

The good folks at Roll-uh-Bowl have come up with the ultimate solution for adventurous and active stoners: a bong that folds up to the size of your palm for easy packing and cleaning.

“One of our main messages is that ‘stoners’ are not lazy,” said Ashton Jones, Roll-uh-Bowl’s “Chief Executive Roller.”

“We are marketing this product as a ‘go-anywhere’ water pipe. Instead of watching Netflix and eating Doritos, take your Roll-uh-Bowl and go on a hike or hit the slopes—although vegging out is definitely important too.”

Roll-uh-Bowl was the brainchild of pot enthusiasts in Montana who wanted to find a way to bring their bongs with them on outdoor adventures.

Not wanting to break an expensive piece, they created a silicone water pipe with a removable down-stem and bowl that can be quickly and easily assembled and disassembled.

Roll-uh-Bowl Lets You Get Adventurous With Your Bong

“I personally love its portability and ease of use,” said Jones. “You simply slip off the band, and it springs into action.”

“With the built in eject-a-bowl feature, you can easily cache out your bowl when you’re done, and when you get back from an epic adventure, you can simply toss it in the dishwasher to clean it.”

Although the company has only been around for a little over a year—they started hitting the retail market heavy in 2015—Roll-uh-Bowl has already been getting some serious attention in the cannabis community.

Last year, rapper and Wiz Khalifa colleague Berner asked Roll-uh-Bowl to sponsor his summer tour, Kottonmouth Kings commissioned a special “Krown Power” edition bong, and the foldable piece even makes an appearance in the stoner comedy Body High.

Roll-uh-Bowl Lets You Get Adventurous With Your Bong

“The fact that it’s made in the USA is of huge importance to our consumer base,” Jones said. “People don’t need to worry about toxins in the silicone like some other products on the market.”

“Additionally,  people are stoked that they can bring their water pipe on all sorts of adventures.”

He also said that the Roll-uh-Bowl can be used for dabbing.

“Dabbing has become mainstream in cannabis culture and we took that into account when we designed the Roll-uh-Bowl,” he said.

The company even made a video showing people how:

The Roll-uh-Bowl currently costs $34.99 and can be purchased on the company’s website as well as at headshops and dispensaries throughout the country. Armed with your very own Roll-uh-Bowl, 2016 could be your year for some seriously high-quality adventures.

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