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Why You Should Try Smoking A Glass Blunt

Why You Should Try Smoking A Glass Blunt


Why You Should Try Smoking A Glass Blunt

Looking for a new way to smoke your weed? Check out a glass blunt. It’s more versatile than your regular hand pipe and safer than smoking with papers.

The name comes from the fact that it is a piece of glass that does what a blunt would: tightly wrap and encase your weed for smoking. You’ll be surprised at how convenient it is to use a glass blunt. Here’s everything you need to know about smoking a glass blunt.

How Does It Work?

Why You Should Try Smoking A Glass Blunt

A glass blunt consists of three main pieces: a large glass tube, a smaller glass tube, and a rubber grommet.

The smaller glass tube is designed to slide in and out of the larger one, like a syringe. One end of the small tube acts as the plunger — this is the side that goes into the bigger tube. The other end of the small tube is the mouthpiece.

To load a glass blunt, pull back the small glass tube to create space in the big glass tube. Now pack your ground-up herb into it.

When you’re filling your glass blunt you’ll want the mouthpiece pulled as far back as you want to pack it. The further you pull it back the more space there is for weed.

Once everything is prepared, put the mouthpiece to your lips, spark the end, and begin inhaling.

After a few pulls you’ll have some ash built up at the end of the glass blunt. To get rid of it, simply push the mouthpiece in just enough to knock out the ash.

This is one of the key reasons glass blunts are so convenient. No rolling, no ashing. Just pack it, puff it, and use the syringe-like motion of the tubes to seamlessly knock ash out of the blunt.

Beyond its convenience, there are several other reasons to choose a glass blunt over a bowl or rolling papers.

Glass Blunt vs. Conventional Bowl

Why You Should Try Smoking A Glass Blunt


From a distance, a person using a glass blunt will look like they’re just lighting and smoking a cigarette. Bowls are more bulky so they are less innocent looking.

Most glass blunts are small and easy to conceal. If you get rolled up on, stuffing a bowl into your pocket or handbag is going to be a lot messier and difficult than sliding a glass blunt into a concealed pocket or pouch.

Newer glass blunts come with a rubber cap that you can place over the end. This conceals the smell of your herb so you can be extra stealthy. It also makes it easy to store any unsmoked weed for later use.


One thing the bowl has over a glass blunt is better control over the amount of smoke you’re getting.

Bowls have carb holes that make it easy to build up and serve yourself the right amount of smoke.

On the other hand, glass blunts tend not to have carb holes so instead of the build-up and release of a regular bowl, you’ll be getting a constant flow of smoke through the piece and into your mouth.

One way to adjust the amount of smoke you’re getting is by how tightly you pack the tube. The more tightly packed it is the harder it will be for smoke to travel, which means smaller hits.

Versatility Of Glass Blunts

Why You Should Try Smoking A Glass Blunt

Glass blunts are more versatile than your regular hand pipe. You can use it as a bowl, one-hitter, glass joint, or even a portable vaporizer. It’s all about how you pack it and light it.

Packing just a bit of green at the tip makes the glass blunt function like a one-hitter or chillum. Enough for a few hits will make it closer to the bowl experience and a full pack can be passed to friends like a real joint.

To vaporize using a glass blunt, pack it like you would for a normal smoke, but instead of igniting the herb directly, lightly torch the glass directly beneath the herb. Move the flame up and down the length of the tube, and keep the torch moving so you don’t accidentally burn one section of herb and cherry the rest.

Eventually, you’ll start to smell or see vapor form. If you do it right, you can draw from the mouthpiece and get vapors without ever combusting your weed.

Glass Blunt vs. Rolling Papers

Why You Should Try Smoking A Glass Blunt


The sliding feature makes it easy to self-ash instead of waiting for ash to fall off your blunt and into your clothes. With a glass blunt, ash is only dropped when you push the mouthpiece in. Just make sure you don’t accidentally push too hard or your green will come flying out with it, too.


Combusting paper with your herbs adds a number of harmful carcinogens to your smoke. By using glass instead, nothing other than weed is combusted so that the only thing you inhale is cannabis smoke with no added BS. Not only is this healthier, it also produces smoke that doesn’t feel as harsh.


When compared to a regular blunt, the best part about a glass one is the fact that you don’t have to roll it. All you have to do is grind your weed and pack it into the large glass tube.

If you’re really in a rush you can pack just enough for one hit and get right to it. But even if you were to pack your glass blunt all the way, it would take less time than rolling a joint or a blunt by hand.

Cleaning A Glass Blunt

Why You Should Try Smoking A Glass Blunt

A glass blunt should be cleaned regularly to avoid letting too much resin build up, which can clog the piece and make it hard for the mouthpiece to slide in and out.

Cleaning a glass blunt is similar to cleaning any other glass piece. Start by soaking your glass blunt in a ziploc bag full of isopropyl alcohol or glass cleaner. It should be easier to take apart after this step.

Then, rinse it off and hit both tubes with a pipe cleaner to get anything that the liquid cleaner left behind. Let it dry and your glass blunt is ready to go.

Some newer glass blunts have made cleaning even easier. In fact, one glass blunt with an innovative design is the Twisty Glass Blunt, made by 7Pipe.

It consists of three pieces, but only one of them is glass. The others are a rubber cap for the mouthpiece and a big metal spiral that takes the place of the smaller, sliding glass tube.

When using a Twisty Glass Blunt you don’t expel ash by sliding in the mouthpiece. Instead, you simply twist the spiral-shaped piece like you would a screw. As the spiral rotates, it kicks ash out the end of the blunt.

Each of the three pieces of the Twisty Glass Blunt are easier to take apart than traditional glass blunts, which are held in place by a grommet. Additionally, the spiral technology reduces the chance of a resin clog. And since it doesn’t use as many glass pieces, you won’t have to worry as much about breaking glass when you’re trying to clean it.

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