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The Week In Weed

The Week In Weed

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The Week In Weed

A recap of the week in weed

Ladies and gentleman, we live in a crazily convoluted media landscape where keeping up with anything can be a complex chore. The world is constantly generating new stories – plus the proliferation of “fake” news  – makes it very difficult to keep up. But it’s literally our job here. So we decided to give you a regular breakdown – a green digest if you will. This will help you parse this ever-changing world of cannabis culture in America and around the world.  And boy was this another huge week in weed headlines.

National and International Headlines

The Week In Weed

The most comprehensive study on marijuana in United States history (337 pages!) came out late this week. Conducted by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, it acknowledged that THC has healing effects on pain. And there is, as of yet, no evidence that THC causes the same cancers that tobacco is known to. It found, logically, that THC can have a negative effect on one’s ability to operate a car. Other than that, though, it stated that we need to do a lot more testing before we can say anything truly conclusive about other benefits and side effects. Testing has been difficult because of legal restrictions, even though we are of course in the middle of a wave of deregulation.

During his confirmation hearing this week, Senator Jeff Sessions made some very disquieting statements to the cannabis community. He said he would not continue the hands-off approach of federal entities to a state where weed is legal. The man likely to be our next attorney general had this to say: “I won’t commit to never enforcing federal law.” What his actual plans remain unclear, but it’s going to be a long four years.

Canadian authorities busted Marc Emery, Canada’s “Prince of Pot.” Emery, a vocal activist, spoke critically of PM Justin Trudeau and his country’s handling of cannabis. Marijuana is still illegal in Canada, mind you. So this was a stunt to raise awareness in a way.

We told the story of how an insurance company had to pay for a customer’s weed. A New Jersey lumberyard worker has been fighting for years to get his insurance company to reimburse him for cannabis. And he finally won that battle, setting a positive precedent for the cause.

Mellow Yellow, the oldest weed and coffee shop in Amsterdam, just shut down. Pour one out for one of the famed cannabis capital’s most famous shops. This is part of a new piece of legislation which is barring the sale of marijuana within 250 meters of schools. And this is also part of a broader movement by Dutch authorities to shut down cafes that sell to non-Dutch tourists.

Elsewhere at Green Rush Daily

The Week In Weed

And here at GRD, we broke down 6 tips for cooking with cannabis, the difference between Hemp CBD and Cannabis CBD, and whether or not you should use a screen with your pipe (you should).

And lastly, our in-house connoisseur Chuck Ludley reviewed the Afghan Kush strain. Have a good weekend, everybody. And buckle in for what’s destined to be a wild, off the rails kind of year.

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