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Guy Smokes The World’s Hottest Pepper Out Of His Bong


Guy Smokes The World’s Hottest Pepper Out Of His Bong

All this time, you thought you were hardcore, but have you ever smoked a Carolina Reaper out of your bong? Ted Barrus or otherwise lovingly known on social media as “The Fire Breathing Idiot” took to youtube recently to show viewers what would happen when you smoke the world’s hottest pepper — the Carolina Reaper — out of a bong.

The Fire Breathing Idiot

Man Smokes Carolina Reaper Out Of His Bong

Ted starts the video with shaking hands and admits he has no idea what is going to happen.

Those of us at our computers, of course, could tell him exactly what will happen and the suspense of waiting for him to do this incredibly stupid thing grows more intense.

He pulls apart the Carolina Reaper and loads up his bong and his breathing gets a little tighter, his movements a little slower. He knows the end is near. It’s not looking good for him.

He lights up his terrible decision and immediately becomes overwhelmed by the heat of the pepper. Just when you think he’s going to set it down he rips a huge hit.

The Carolina Reaper Aftershock

Man Smokes Carolina Reaper Out Of His Bong

This is when you stare at the computer, shake your head and laugh at the idiot because he is dying. Drool is pouring down his chin. He’s coughing so hard he can’t catch his breath. He makes a mad scramble for water. You can see the panic in his eyes and the stress of the bong rip is clearly weighing on his soul.

As he pours water all over his face and down his throat, the visible pain he’s in increases. The choking becomes worse and eventually, the video cuts out.

This man, this powerhouse of idiocy and bravery made the ultimate sacrifice – his lungs – for our enjoyment. Please, have a joint. On the house. Honestly, you deserve it.

For now, Barrus is the reigning champion for absolute stupidity. Granted, without him, no one would know for sure what exactly would happen if you smoked the world’s hottest pepper. So from stoners all over the world who laughed so hard at your video, we dropped our weed – thank you.

You may be badass but you’ll never be Ted Barrus smoking the Carolina Reaper out of a bong badass.

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