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Tres Dawg Strain Review and Information

Tres Dawg Strain Review and Information


Tres Dawg Strain Review and Information

Tres Dawg Strain


Tres Dawg is a classic hybrid that will get even the most seasoned veteran seriously stoned. It’s more or less an even 50/50 Indica/Sativa hybrid, although some plants tend to have a bit more Indica. Either way, you can expect a strong high that will affect your brain and your body.


The average Tres Dawg bud has at least 20% THC, and may climb as high as 25%. When you compare that to the 12.5% average for most other hybrids, you get a sense for just how strong this strain is.


Tres Dawg produces a killer high for a couple of key reasons. The first is that it’s got a pretty high level of THC. The second is that it does a good job of giving users the head highs of a Sativa balanced out with the body highs of an Indica.

After your first couple puffs, you’ll immediately start feeling happy, relaxed, and euphoric. As the head, high sets in you may even have some mild hallucinations or start feeling introspective and meditative.

As your brain adjusts to all this, expect the body high to start hitting. When this happens, you’ll experience pleasant sensations of deep relaxation. If it’s later in the evening, or if it’s night time, you might end up a bit sleepy. You could even get couch locked and fall asleep right where you are. Either way, you’re going to be feeling super confident, happy, relaxed, and mellow.

Tres Dawg Strain Review and Information


Scent & Flavor

Tres Dawg smells like diesel fumes mixed in with a light citrusy smell. When you start breaking apart a nug, it may introduce a little spiciness or the scent of pine.

When you torch up some Tres Dawg expect smoke that tastes like diesel. For some users, the taste may be a little too harsh or intense.

Adverse Effects

If you hit Tres Dawg hard, you might end up couch locked, and depending on the time of day this could be a good thing or a bad thing. And users that experience particularly serious head highs after puffing on Tres Dawg might feel some anxiety and paranoia. You can also expect some seriously dry cotton mouth.

Used For

This is generally not a good strain for wake and bake or daytime use. Unless, of course, you’ve got nothing to do that day. That’s because Tres Dawg is going to get you seriously stoned.

For that reason, it’s typically best used in the evening and at night. That way if you end up couch locked you can just ride it out and get a good night’s rest.

For general recreational uses, Tres Dawg is great anytime you’re looking to relax and decompress. It’s a great way to unwind after a hard day. And if you’re into mellowing out with friends and getting a little meditative, this could be a good choice for a low-key social smoke sesh.

Tres Dawg has also proven effective for some medical users. Most of this strain’s medical success comes from its ability to blend head highs with body highs and less to do with actual CBD content. There’s actually not a whole lot of CBD in Tres Dawg buds, but the combined head/body high helps people manage pain, increase appetite, treat insomnia, and cope with stress.


Tres Dawg was first created by growers at Top Dawg seeds. It was created when they crossbred Chemdawg with Afghani #1.

On another genetics note, Tres Dawg has become the proud parent of tons of other notable strains including Stardawg, Appalachia, Bubblegum Chem, White Dawg, Grape Lemonaid Dawg, and many others.


You should have success growing Tres Dawg indoors and outdoors. Many growers recommend pruning back the big fan leaves to improve air circulation around the plant.

Tres Dawg typically has big harvests, so if you do a good job taking care of your plant, you should end up with a good haul. When the plant sets out buds, expect them to be dark green with orange hairs, a heavy coating of trichomes, and some purplish leaves.

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