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White Nightmare Strain Review and Information

White Nightmare Strain Information


White Nightmare Strain Review and Information

White Nightmare Strain


White Nightmare is the kind of child every parent dreams of, as it combines the best features of both its parents. This strain gives users the incredible head highs of Blue Dream and the beautiful milky white trichome layers that White Moonshine is so well known for. The result of all this genetic mixing is a killer little bud that will give you the kind of high that’s perfect for all sorts of settings.


Most White Nightmare buds have 17.5% THC, with the most potent samples coming in at 22%. Most other Sativa-dominant strains are usually in the neighborhood of 13.5% THC. The higher than average THC levels of White Nightmare help this strain deliver some pretty strong highs.


Because White Nightmare is 80% Sativa it produces effects that are primarily felt in the head. After a few heavy draws, expect a quick hitting cerebral high that will also leave you feeling energized, focused, and creative. The high will probably last for 2 to 3 hours, and throughout that time, you’ll find yourself feeling pleasantly happy and euphoric.

Scent & Flavor

For the most part, White Nightmare carries a smooth, sugary, and enticing odor of sweet berries. The tasty odor will get stronger as you start breaking up the buds. And the taste you’ll get as you start smoking will be sweet and slightly spicy, with a smooth, easy finish. From start to finish, smoking White Nightmare is definitely a pleasant experience.White Nightmare Strain Information

Side Effects

This one’s such a smooth, positive, easygoing strain, that there really aren’t too many negative side effects. The biggest ones are simply cotton mouth and dry eyes. But some users might find the head high to be a little too much. When that happens, they may feel slightly anxious and maybe even a little paranoid.

The Best Way To Use It

You can use White Nightmare pretty much anytime during the day and throughout the evening. It’s especially good for times when you need some extra energy, or when you need to channel some focused, attentive, and creative thinking.

It’s also a great choice for social settings. You and your friends will love the entire thing: the smell of the buds, the odor of it as it’s ground up, the smooth and tasty smoke, and the uplifting euphoric head highs it’ll leave you with. For medical users, White Nightmare can be helpful in treating attention disorders. It’s also a good way to help treat stress and depression.


We’ve already talked about just how proud White Nightmare has made its parents. This hybrid is the perfect little offspring of two other strains that are well known for producing beautiful and tasty smoking experiences: Blue Dream and White Moonshine.


When it comes to growing White Nightmare, you can go with either an indoor or an outdoor grow. If you’re cultivating it indoors, expect flowers around 60-70 days. And if you’re going with an outdoor grow, be ready to harvest in mid-October. As with most other Sativa strains, White Nightmare plants are usually fairly tall. This one doesn’t have a ton of leaves, and the flowers can sometimes get pretty heavy, so you may have to stake them up as they mature. The mature buds will be dark green with flecks of red. And they should be covered in a beautiful layer of milky white trichomes.

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