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PenSimple Is The Do-It-All Grinder Of The Future

PenSimple Is The Do-It-All Grinder Of The Future


PenSimple Is The Do-It-All Grinder Of The Future

Cannabis fans, meet PenSimple. This new grinder pairs a sleek design with killer functionality. And the outcome is an entirely new approach to grinding.

The PenSimple Grinder

Over the past couple years, there’s been a surprising amount of activity in the world of grinders. Cannabis companies have been coming up with all sorts of new ideas. But the folks at JAEB Designs may have just created the grinder of the future. Cannabis fans, meet PenSimple.

This new grinder pairs a super sleek design with killer functionality. And the final outcome is an entirely new approach to grinding, storing, and packing your herb.

The Grinder Reimagined

From start to finish the PenSimple has reimagined the grinder. Instead of the clunky, disc-shaped, twisting grinder we’re all used to, this one’s a brand new, super discreet cylindrical shape. And since it’s only 1″ in diameter, it’s perfect for taking with you on the go.

The top of the PenSimple is the grinding chamber, complete with a magnetic lid. And the bottom end tapers off to create a cone-shaped dispenser.

To use PenSimple, just open the top. Drop in a few nugs and put the lid back on. From there, it’s just like any other grinder you’ve used. Just give it a twist. As you do, the herb gets ground up by the anodized, aircraft grade, aluminum grinder teeth. Once it’s ground up, the herb slips into the main storage compartment.

All this is great, but PenSimple’s real innovation comes in when you’re ready to puff. With the push of a button, PenSimple evenly dispenses your ground up herb. The cone-shaped dispenser comes in extra handy. That’s because it lets you drop your herb right where you need it.

The cone-shaped dispenser allows you to pack a bowl with precision. Or use it to lay a perfect line of herb in your rolling paper. Using a pre-rolled cone? The dispenser is the perfect fit. And the same goes for pretty much any smoking device you can think of. PAX, Firefly, or some other flower vape? Yep. Good to go.

The bottom line: When you use the motorized dispenser, you’ll never spill your herb again. No more sticky fingers. And no more trying to clumsily pick herb out of the grinder and pack it into your smoking device.

And to top it off, a single battery charge is good for more than 75 packs. When the battery eventually runs out, easily recharge it using a standard USB cord.

The PenSimple really is the grinder reimagined. Everything about it is a game changer. From the sleek new look to the perfect dispensing system, PenSimple has elevated grinding to a whole new level.

Our Experience With PenSimple

PenSimple Is The Do-It-All Grinder Of The Future

We had nothing but positive experiences using this grinder. The cylindrical design was especially helpful. Not only does it give the entire thing a very fashion forward look, but it’s also super functional.

The grinder’s main storage compartment can hold a little more than one gram of ground up bud. And because of its slender shape, it fits perfectly in a backpack, purse, or even your pocket. It’s ideal for a discreet way to bring some herb with you on the go.

From there, the motorized dispenser made the entire experience of packing a bowl or rolling a joint super smooth and seamless. The conical dispensing tip let us drop our herb wherever we needed to with precision. The entire process was quick, easy, and clean.

We occasionally ran into one little snag while using the motorized dispenser. Once in a while, it got a little clogged if a piece of stem dropped through the grinder.

But this only happened with the earlier prototype models. And the genius engineers who created PenSimple have already fixed it for the market-ready models. So don’t worry. When you decide to snag your own PenSimple, you won’t have to worry about it jamming or clogging.

The Final Hit

PenSimple Is The Do-It-All Grinder Of The Future

Our final word: PenSimple gets it right. While it doesn’t do anything new with the actual grinding itself (the top portion is basically your standard manual grinder), the rest of the design is sleek and functional.

This could very well become the do-it-all grinder of the future. Grind your herb. Store your herb. Take it with you when you leave your house. And then pack it into whatever smoking device you’re using. From start to finish, PenSimple does it all. The PenSimple is $69.99 and you can get yours here.

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