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How to Roll a Kief Joint 3 Different Ways

How To Roll A Kief Joint


How to Roll a Kief Joint 3 Different Ways

How To Roll A Kief Joint

Now get ready to learn how to roll the world’s strongest kief joint. The directions below will teach you how to combine bud, hash oil, and kief to make the world’s strongest joint. Per-fect this one and you’ll be everybody’s hero at every single sesh you’ll ever be a part of. Ready to learn how? Here we go.

What You Need:

Method 1

The first method for rolling the world’s strongest joint may be slightly less economical than the second method, but it definitely scores high when it comes to sheer style.

Start by rolling a regular joint using your ground bud.

Once you’ve got a perfect joint, it’s time to take it to the next level.

Very carefully spread your kief out on a flat surface and get your oil ready. Be sure you can safely scoop any leftover kief back into your stash when you’re done.

Now, use a small brush or butter knife to very carefully spread a thin layer of hash oil over the outside of the joint. Now roll that beauty around in the kief until the whole thing is covered in a perfect dusting of potent pollen.

If you’ve done it properly, you should now be holding the dopest joint you or your friends have ever seen. Light it up and enjoy the killer combo of bud, oil, and kief.

How To Roll A Kief Joint

Method 2

If you’re OK sacrificing the style of Method 1, and you want to make absolutely sure no kief falls off the outside of your joint, you can do the entire thing on the inside of the joint.

For this technique, start out by very gently spreading a thin layer of oil lengthwise down the middle of the rolling paper. Now sprinkle kief on the oil.

You should now have a little log of kief-covered oil running down the center of the paper.

Now load it up with your bud, insert the filter, and roll the joint the way you normally would.

With everything wrapped up on the inside of the joint like some sort of fantasy cannabis burrito, you can light up without worrying about anything falling out or getting wasted.

A few puffs on this joint and you’ll be flying high.

How To Roll A Kief Joint

Method 3

If you want to go absolutely crazy with this whole idea, go ahead and combine Method 1 and Method 2.

Make your line of oil and kief on the inside of the rolling paper, fill it with bud, roll it up, and then top it off with another layer of oil on the outside.

Roll this fatty around in some kief, light up, sit back, and enjoy the best high of your life.

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