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Science Shows Sexier People Smoke Weed

Science Shows Sexier People Smoke Weed


Science Shows Sexier People Smoke Weed

You wanna be sexy like bud smoking Rihanna? Or be like pot enthusiast Wiz and get a girl like Amber Rose? Well, cannabis might just be the ticket to becoming a sex god.

You may think that marijuana may seem like a turn-off, but according to a new study, becoming a regular bud smoker makes you more sexier and desirable.

Pot smoking is not the biggest turn off to prospective dates. In fact, regular cigarette smoking is a definite deal breaker to 75 percent of people on an extremely popular dating website.

Also, almost 80 percent of people stated that they wouldn’t date someone who drank regularly.

You might just want to put down the beer, and start smoking if you’re single.

Also, marijuana makes you a more deep and emotional person, which is a HUGE part of being sexy. No one wants to have sex with a bland piece of toast.

Marijuana smoking is linked to active meditation practices which deplete anxiety and increases the levels of dopamine that produce in the brain. This release gives more confident and happy feels.

Dopamine triggers the receptors in the brain that control pleasure and reward. This release doesn’t just give us pleasure, but also makes us more adventurous and prone to seek out what we want. An increase in smoking marijuana might just make you ask that girl across the bar for a dance.

Smoking bud also helps with our outward appearance. I know sexiness is on the inside too, but c’mon being hot helps.

Regular marijuana smoking has been linked to weight loss and a healthier body mass index. This link to physical activity and exercise, attributing that cannabis smokers are more likely to be on the move.

It has also been shown that states where medical marijuana is legal, obesity levels are 2 to 6 percent less than states in which cannabis is illegal.

Also, obesity and weight gain leads to slower movement in life and sex. Total turn off.

Speaking of sex, marijuana use has been shown to enhance sexual connections between two partners because of the psychological effects.

These effects mimic the old Tantric sexual lifestyle dating all the way back to Kama Sutra.

This buildup will make the big O feel like the combination of your bodies, rather than just “finishing.”

The Big O is heightened because both partners can get “in the mood.” Cannabis have been proved not to give women “dry vagina” because smoking releases euphoric feelings. For men, cannabis can also help with erectile dysfunction.

We know that smoking bud makes you look more attractive, gives you a confidence boost, and also the best sex of your life. What are waiting for, go light up!

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