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Guys Explore A Drug Dealers Abandoned Mansion In The Woods


Guys Explore A Drug Dealers Abandoned Mansion In The Woods

The scene looks more like a cut from MTV Cribs than from Tales From The Crypt. Picture spiraling marble staircases. Imagine magnificent fountains and an indoor waterfall.

Think of a pool with a sauna on the side. And in the master bedroom? A clam-shaped hot tub.

But the staircases are dusty, the fountains crumbling and dry. The pool drained and filled with dry leaves and twigs. The hot tub, sadly empty.

But there was one feature of this abandoned mansion that was still, somehow, in perfect working order. And that something was a fully functional cannabis grow.

Like Out Of A Movie

Guys Explore A Drug Dealers Abandoned Mansion In The Woods

It’s a story that sounds more like a film or TV script than anything that would happen in real life. If you’re a low-level real estate agent, your life probably isn’t the most glamorous.

However, for two dudes, the day they stumbled upon this abandoned mansion was a dramatic twist of fate.

One day, two agents came poking around this property they knew had been abandoned for a while. Maybe this was the perfect opportunity for a flip. A chance to turn nothing into something.

And then they found it: a fully functional cannabis grow, tucked away in a back room of the mansion.

Then, they did what a lot of us would imagine doing.

They started their own cannabis operation and sold the weed they grew when they were off the clock at their real estate gig.

Furthermore, and keeping with the DIY mentality, the real estate agents figured out how to tamper with the property’s electrical supply.

By patching it in on an adjacent property, they managed to set up the electricity they needed for their lighting and pumps and other equipment without registering with the utility company.

Off the grid, but on it at the same time, they basically acquired the electricity for their cannabis grow for free.

But that’s not all. The two dudes decided it would be a good idea to shoot an MTV Cribs-style movie of their exploits in the abandoned mansion.

So even though the cannabis has been seized, we can see just what an incredible crib this used to be.

The Abandoned Mansion

Guys Explore A Drug Dealers Abandoned Mansion In The Woods

But obviously, these guys were not certified, electricians. In fact, they weren’t very knowledgeable about electricity at all.

So when they overloaded their circuit, a fire broke out in their grow room and quickly spread to their plants.

Essentially, the fire turned the abandoned mansion into a gigantic hot box. Weed smoke from the burning plants billowed out of windows and rolled through the neighborhood.

It wasn’t long until the police and fire trucks rolled up. And the real estate agents were caught desperately trying to extinguish the fire without arousing attention.

Caught red-handed, the police arrested them.

And in case you’re wondering exactly how a fully functioning grow-op was found in an abandoned mansion. The truth is, it’s still a mystery.

We do know that the estate was formerly owned by a woman who legally grew cannabis in her own home to treat her cancer treatment symptoms. It’s unknown whether the woman died or simply moved away.

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