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3D Printed Bowls Could Be the Future of Cannabis


3D Printed Bowls Could Be the Future of Cannabis

3D Printed Bowls

The future of cannabis may already be here thanks to the innovative thinking of brothers Al and Saul Jacobs.
In the midst of working toward art degrees at the University of Washington in Seattle—Al in creative writing, Saul in interdisciplinary visual arts—the duo decided to celebrate Washington’s legalization of recreational pot by taking the smoking experience to an entirely new level.

What they came up with was a series of sleek, ultra-futuristic looking water pipes that were created entirely with 3D printers.

Excited by what they’d created, the brothers founded their cannabis company called Printabowl and began selling their sci-fi looking pieces of pot paraphernalia.

3D Printed Bowls Could Be the Future of Cannabis - GREEN RUSH DAILY

“Inspired by the possibilities opened by 3D printing technology, Printabowl’s design team uses this newly accessible technology to manifest visually evolved elevation instruments, allowing these designs to exist for the first time,” the company’s website says.

“Embracing experimental design, Printabowl advances the formal and textural boundaries that previously limited elevation instruments, allowing many collectors interaction with useful objects created using 3D printing for the first time.”

All jargon aside, these pieces are dope and sure to add some serious space-age vibes to any smoke session. They just may help take you from stratosphere level high to full-out orbit level high.

For the Jacobs brothers, these pipes are more than just a cool way to get stoned, however. They’re also pieces of art:

3D Printed Bowls Could Be the Future of Cannabis - GREEN RUSH DAILY

“Each elevation instrument undergoes a thorough inspection to ensure standard-exceeding quality and durability as pieces of fine art, physical manifestations of 3D printing’s earliest impact on smoking culture.”

So far, their first lineup of pieces is called the Cumulo Collection, which includes three designs.

According to Printabowl’s website, the three designs are all made out of ceramic and manufactured with 3D printers.

Printabowl has begun selling a limited run of their bongs online: the Alpha sells for $300, the Ferr for $325, and the Tessellate for $300.

If you’ve got the funds to go in for a more-expensive-than-usual water pipe, it may be time to embrace the future with open arms and lots of pot.

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