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10 Of The Coolest Pipes And Bongs Ever Invented

10 Coolest Pipes And Bongs Ever Invented


10 Of The Coolest Pipes And Bongs Ever Invented

The more that the legal cannabis industry grows, the more creative people are becoming. Here are the coolest pipes and bongs ever designed.

8. Presidential Themed Pipes & Bongs 10 Coolest Pipes And Bongs Ever Invented

Weed has always been linked to politics. That’s primarily because it’s been so heavily demonized and outlawed.

And pot smokers have come up with all sorts of ways to protest this.

Last year, at the height of the presidential election, some weed smoking artists designed pipes that injected a little humor into the heated race.

One of them was a Bernie Sanders themed pipe. This one played on Bernie’s catch phrase, “Feel the Bern.”

If you got your hands on one of these, you could “bern” in a whole new way.

A short time later, an artist in Australia released a Donald Trump bong.

This thing is hilarious. The stem extends up out of the Donald’s head. And the bowl goes right into the forehead.

If you like Trump, you can celebrate with a little puff. And if you hate him, you can ease your anxiety by turning his mug into your next smoking apparatus.

7. The Lung Buster

10 Coolest Pipes And Bongs Ever Invented

This next one’s technically not a bong or a pipe. But it wins big time points for creativity.

Remember what we said earlier about weed smokers being clever little devils? Well here’s your proof.

These guys came up with the ultimate repurposing project.

They took a massive water gun called the Stream Machine and turned it into the world’s craziest pipe.

Instead of filling it with water, they filled it with weed smoke. From there, you can guess what happens next.

One person puts the end of the gun to their lips. When the gun’s handle is compressed, a huge stream of smoke shoots out.

The geniuses who invented this thing called it the Lung Buster. And they weren’t joking.

A single hit on this thing will knock you right on your ass.

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