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10 Of The Coolest Pipes And Bongs Ever Invented

10 Coolest Pipes And Bongs Ever Invented


10 Of The Coolest Pipes And Bongs Ever Invented

The more that the legal cannabis industry grows, the more creative people are becoming. Here are the coolest pipes and bongs ever designed.

6. Peter Piper Pecker Puffer

10 Coolest Pipes And Bongs Ever Invented

Weed smokers aren’t just good at coming up with crafty ways to repurpose things into smoking devices. They’re also hilarious.

The Peter Piper Pecker Puffer is a great example of this.

On one end, this thing’s a glass bowl. The other end is a dildo.

Now you can take advantage of weed’s sex-enhancing properties. Start out by packing and smoking the bowl end.

Then, when you’re good and high, take advantage of the heightened sensitivity weed gives you.

Flip it around and get yourself off.

Whether or not you actually use both ends of this thing, it’s a hilarious addition to your smoking arsenal.

And one thing’s for sure. The folks at sex toy company Pipedream found the perfect way to bring together the sex toy industry and the cannabis industry.

5. Chameleon Monsoon10 Coolest Pipes And Bongs Ever Invented

Spoons are easy and functional. Water pipes give you clean, smooth, cool smoke.

And the Chameleon Monsoon brings all this together into a single piece.

This spill-proof bubbler is the best of all worlds.

It’s small enough to tote with you in your bag or pack. And since it’s designed to keep water in, it won’t spill all over your stuff.

At the same time, the spill-proof water chamber is just the right size.

You can fill it with enough water to give yourself full water filtration effectiveness.

And to top it all off, the glass makers at Chameleon have kept their eye on style and fashion.

The Monsoon comes in a range of colors. Now you can puff in full style and full functionality.

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