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These Cannabis Tech Products Are Changing The Entire Industry

These Cannabis Tech Products Are Changing The Entire Industry


These Cannabis Tech Products Are Changing The Entire Industry

Must Have Stoner Products

Right now may very well be one of the most exciting times ever to be a cannabis user. It’s becoming more mainstream, marijuana laws are changing, growers are coming up with some of the most potent buds of all time, and cannabis companies are developing some of the coolest marijuana products ever.

All of this is revolutionizing how we consume marijuana.

And the best way to truly get the most out of these exciting new changes is to elevate your pot game by using the right set of tools, devices, and products.

Here are the four best, most innovative new cannabis products every marijuana user needs to have. These products are must-haves—they set the new standard for what it means to consume cannabis in 2016.

Plazmatic X Lighter

These Cannabis Tech Products Are Changing The Entire Industry

Possibly the most futuristic new development to hit the cannabis scene is the Plazmatic X by This lighter represents a real tech revolution, as it fundamentally changes everything about how we light up.

And people are starting to take notice. In the last six months alone, the company has had to open three new factories just to keep up with demand.

For decades, marijuana users were forced to rely on lighters that use butane or lighter fluid. These fuels taste bad, and when they’re all used up, you’ve got to throw away the lighter and get another one. Not wallet friendly.

These Cannabis Tech Products Are Changing The Entire Industry

And forget trying to light up if it’s windy.

The Plazmatic X solves all these problems. Instead of bad-tasting, harmful fuels, this lighter uses electricity to create two insanely cool, crisscrossing, ultra-intense heat beams.

Because it doesn’t use flames, the Plazmatic X is windproof and water-resistant—the perfect lighter for festival season, hitting the beach, or just spending time outside.

Generating temperatures as high as 900 degrees F, these beams are more than enough to light up your next joint, blunt, or hemp wick. And yes, it also works on bowls and bongs.

When it runs out of juice—after about 100 lights—just plug it into recharge using its built-in USB port and you’re ready to go.

To top it all off, this lighter looks dope as sh*t. Prepare to watch minds explode when you press the ignite button and your friends to see those bright purple crisscrossing electrical heat beams suddenly burst into action.

The Plazmatic X comes in a bunch of different finishes and styles. Order yours today for delivery by 4/20 so you can celebrate with this year’s coolest lighter. One spark, and you’ll never want to use another crappy disposable again.

Roll-Uh-Bowl Toker Tool

These Cannabis Tech Products Are Changing The Entire Industry

Efficiency and convenience are hallmarks of real innovation. And that’s exactly what the folks at Roll-Uh-Bowl have accomplished with their brand new Toker Tool.

The credit card-sized device slips easily and discreetly into your wallet, which means you’ll always be prepared for a sesh no matter where you are.

The Toker Tool combines everything you need to get your bud ready—and then some. Here’s what it comes with:

These Cannabis Tech Products Are Changing The Entire Industry

  • Multi-size joint holder to help you get every last puff out of your joint, spliff, or blunt.
  • Bowl cleaner so that you’ll never have to deal with a plugged bowl again.
  • Multi-purpose tool that can be used as a nail remover can opener, or to pry things open.
  • A scooper.
  • A dab stand that also doubles as a cell phone stand.
  • Blunt splicer to help you roll the perfect blunt.
  • Bottle opener.
  • Shredder, chopper, and measurer so you can get your bud ground up exactly how you want it.

These Cannabis Tech Products Are Changing The Entire Industry

The Toker Tool truly is the Swiss Army Knife of the cannabis world. And since it’s built out of steel, you know this is one multi-tool you can rely on.

Alpaca Grinder

These Cannabis Tech Products Are Changing The Entire Industry


If there’s one aspect of the cannabis universe that people take for granted, it’s grinders. It seems like we all just kind of assumed that sticky fingertips or gunked up grinders were just the way it had to be.

Nobody thought there was a whole lot of room for innovation when it comes to the ways we grind marijuana.

And that’s exactly what makes the Alpaca Grinder such a visionary invention. Where everyone else saw no room for innovation, the folks at Alpaca saw a problem needing a solution.

They eventually came up with a sleek new grinder that simultaneously grinds herb and deposits it wherever you want.

The grinder teeth are cut from solid blocks of aircraft-grade aluminum, which means they cut herb cleanly and uniformly.

As the herb is cut, it drops down into the “conveyor belt” apparatus, which precisely dispenses the freshly-ground herb. Now you can grind your bud and fill your bowl at the same time.

No more wasted herb, no more sticky fingers, no more gunked up grinders. The Alpaca is the last grinder you’ll ever need to buy.

Genius Pipe

These Cannabis Tech Products Are Changing The Entire Industry

Aptly named, the Genius Pipe is the brainchild of PhDs and engineers who figured out how to bring together the worlds of tech and physics to create what could very well become the new standard when it comes to smoking marijuana.

The Genius Pipe is a thin, flat, aluminum pipe that’s the perfect size to carry discreetly in your purse, book bag, or even your pocket.

But the thing that makes this pipe an absolute must-have for smokers of all stripes is its unique “dimple technology.”

The Genius Pipe is built on a grid of little dimples. When someone takes a hit, the smoke is pulled across these dimples.

This creates 2,000 tiny “smoke vortexes,” and the air movement of these vortexes transfers the heat of the smoke into the aluminum. That means that when the smoke hits your lungs, it’s room temperature.

The dimples also act as a super-efficient filter. Tar and other residues stick to the dimples rather than traveling into your lungs.

The result of all this is an insanely smooth, crisp, and clean smoking experience. No more coughing, no more tar. The Genius Pipe lets you enjoy the full taste, aroma, and pleasure of smoking but without any of the unpleasant side effects.

As far as we’re concerned, this is the future of delivery technologies. The Genius Pipe gives you the health factor of vaping, the smoothness of a water pipe, and the joy of full bodied smoke.

Sometimes you really can have it all.

These Cannabis Tech Products Are Changing The Entire Industry

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