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Plazmatic X Lighter: This Thing Is F*cking Insane

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Plazmatic X Lighter: This Thing Is F*cking Insane

The windproof, waterproof and just about indestructible Plazmatic X Lighter from is insanely awesome and the last lighter you will ever buy.

Plazmatic X Lighter

Made by the San Francisco-based company, the Plazmatic X is a high-tech lighter that uses electricity to generate crisscrossing plasma beams to crank out more than 900 degrees F of heat—more than enough to light your next joint, spliff, blunt, water pipe, or bowl.

And the best part is that because the Plazmatic X uses electrical currents rather than actual flames, it doesn’t rely on butane or lighter fluid, it’s water resistant, wind resistant can be recharged using a USB cord, and is dope as sh*t.

Plazmatic X Lighter: This Thing Is F*cking Insane

You can light up anywhere and everywhere with the Plazmatic X, and you’ll never have to buy another sh*tty disposable lighter again. “It’s by far the coolest lighter on the planet, and it’s a complete showstopper,” said CEO Matt Stoll.

Plazmatic X Lighter: This Thing Is F*cking Insane

Reflex Blue Plazmatic X

“The second you press the ‘light’ button, your eyes are met with an amazing purple heat beam which is simply kick-ass. It makes you want to use it over and over again. Smokers love the feel and weight, along with its modern design and functionality.”

The Plazmatic X is the future of lighters, and not only because it’s funky purple plasma beams look like miniature lightsabers battling it out right in the palm of your hand, but also because it offers marijuana enthusiasts an entirely new experience.

Plazmatic X Lighter: This Thing Is F*cking Insane

Redwoods Plazmatic X

“Our product is designed for consumers looking for an eco-friendly alternative to butane fluid lighters and disposables, who demand a high-quality product with that ‘wow’ factor,” said Stoll.

“We’re finding customers everywhere who love our products—everyone from outdoor adventurers, tech gadget enthusiasts, every day carry kit heads, and smokers who want the coolest new accessory.”

Plazmatic X Lighter: This Thing Is F*cking Insane

USB charger comes with every lighter.

Since its launch on April 20, 2013  (a nice little nod to the cannabis world), has expanded its reach to the point that its lighters can now be purchased both online and in dispensaries throughout the country.

The company’s also started making a name for itself in the weed world, attracting attention from some high-profile tokers—most notably, Lil Wayne gave the company a shout out on his Facebook page.

Plazmatic X Lighter: This Thing Is F*cking Insane

Windproof, flameless, water-resistant.

For Stoll, the Plazmatic X is all about moving cannabis culture out of the shadows of the underground and into the mainstream.

It’s about moving into the future now.

“With the cannabis industry and culture being more widely and publicly accepted, we strive to offer products that are fresh, functional, and that meet the needs of the world’s push toward environmental sustainability,” he explained.

Plazmatic X Lighter: This Thing Is F*cking Insane

Woodchuck Plazmatic X

“Our USB rechargeable lighter is our contribution to a cleaner world and user experience. In five to ten years, we think disposable and butane-based lighters will be obsolete.”

For the crowds of people watching Back to the Future in the 1980s, the “future” was 2015. The fact that it’s now 2016 means that we’re living somewhere beyond the future—we’re extra-future.

Plazmatic X Lighter: This Thing Is F*cking Insane

Black Ops Plazmatic X

We need to live up to the hopes and expectations of everyone who watched that movie back when it was first released. Thankfully, the Plazmatic X lighter has made it possible for cannabis enthusiasts to start finally smoking like the futuristic beings we are.

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