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The RollBud Grinder Does So Much More Than Just Grind

The RollBud Grinder Does So Much More Than Just Grind


The RollBud Grinder Does So Much More Than Just Grind

Roll On The Go With RollBud

Let’s be real. There’s smoking at home. And then there’s smoking on the go. The two couldn’t be more different. When you’re planning to smoke out on the town or in the park, there are a few more things you have to consider. For example, the challenges posed by the environment, the need for discretion, and the potential hassle of toting around a bunch of kit. The RollBud is here to change things.

If you’re someone who has always wanted to be a portable pot guru but have been put off by the challenge, the Rollbud Grinder is a must-have for you. That’s because the Rollbud Grinder, developed by Fifth Dimension Labs, is going to change how you roll joints, forever.

Rollbud Grinder: Your Personal Rolling Assistant

The RollBud Grinder Does So Much More Than Just Grind

There was a time when smoking weed meant rolling a joint virtually every time. Our cannabis ancestors weren’t firing up dab rigs, ripping bongs, or vaping when they wanted to have a relaxing session on the beach or the hillside. No, they were smoking joints.

With the advent of these smoking technologies, however, rolling joints is a skill that’s fallen by the wayside. Why roll when you can vape? Rolling takes time, it takes talent, and on windy days, it can be a real time-waster.

On the other hand, there’s something elegant, simple, and intimate about the joint-smoking experience. There’s nothing between you and your cannabis but a piece of paper. Passing a joint back and forth is a great way to make new friends and chill with your favorite buds.

That’s where the Rollbud Grinder comes in. It’s basically your personal rolling assistant. You’ve heard of grinders that let you store your weed. But the Rollbud also stores all of the things you need to create a perfect joint-smoking experience.

Let’s take a look at everything the Rollbud packs in its simple form factor. In addition to a grinding tube and storage compartment that’s spacious enough for a few grams of dense dried herb, there’s also a dedicated rolling papers dispenser, a compartment for a mini Bic lighter, filter tips, and a poke tool in case anything gets clogged.

You can fully customize your Rollbud, depending on the kind and size of the rolling papers you prefer to use. Purchase your Rollbud on the Fifth Dimension website, and you can select from Raw, Zig Zag, and OCB brands for your rolling papers dispenser. You can also select between white and black styling.

Optimize Leisure Time and Smoke Smarter with Rollbud

The RollBud Grinder Does So Much More Than Just Grind

What’s the number one problem with rolling? It’s a time investment. Even expert rollers know it takes a little bit of time to twist up a perfect joint. If you’re still learning, it can take a lot longer and make you frustrated. Not cool. The Rollbud helps you perfect your craft with a few ingenious inventions.

As a weed gadget, the Rollbud isn’t just an all-in-one grinding solution. It’s an all-in-one smoking solution. The most innovative aspect of this grinder is it’s “rolling tray,” a curved piece of plastic that slides off the side of the tube. At first, it seems the tray is just a cover for the rolling paper dispenser. Then, you realize it’s ideal for rolling and smoking your joints.

Dump your freshly ground herb into the curved tray, and it serves as a funnel allowing you to fill up your rolling paper of choice without the mess that comes from using your hands. Here’s a pro tip: roll your joints above the tray to catch any flower that might tumble out, and save it for later.

Now that you’ve got your joint all rolled up tight, you’re excited to smoke, right? But then you go to spark up, and that slight breeze becomes a major menace. Everyone who’s tried to smoke a joint outside before has encountered wind issues in some form or another.

And that’s precisely where the Rollbud’s rolling tray comes in handy, again. Slide it halfway up the chamber, and it acts as a perfect wind guard, shielding your Bic and your joint from the elements. The product is perfectly designed to let you spark the lighter without removing it.

Or, if you want to save that smoke for later, just slip your joint into Rollbud’s dedicated “doob tube” storage compartment. Either way, you’re smoking smart.

Rolling Is Making A Comeback

The RollBud Grinder Does So Much More Than Just Grind

In the cycle of cannabis trends and fads, rolling joints has a kind of vintage, primal appeal to it. There’s just something spontaneous and authentic about rolling and smoking a joint. And now you can do it anywhere with Rollbud.

No wonder Fifth Dimension is inviting customers to join the #RollUpRevolution and experience for themselves the power and control Rollbud brings to portable smoking.

Through the month of May, you can pick up a Rollbud for just $33.99, which is 20 percent off the list price. And the company threw in free shipping. Revolutionize your rolling experience by picking up one of these gems today.

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