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Top 10 Cannabis Products of 2015

Top 10 Cannabis Products of 2015


Top 10 Cannabis Products of 2015

Green Rush Daily brings you the top cannabis products of 2015

No matter the scenario—a party, a mellow hangout, getting ready for bed, just waking up, treating an illness, killing time, getting enlightened, sitting on the couch doing nothing, literally anything!—if weed’s involved, it’s going to be a real time. With the top cannabis products of 2015, it will make it even better.

Maybe this is why cannabis connoisseurs are such deeply devoted folks. Whatever the reason, we’re always ready to praise the productive powers of pot.

To help make your sensi celebration as sweet as it can be, check out our list of the top 10 cannabis products of 2015:

#10: The Frost Pipe

For $25 you can get the coolest piece of marijuana equipment anywhere: The Frost Pipe. Pour water into the mold, let it freeze, put the filter in place, pack the bowl, light it up, and—bam!—you’re smoking a pipe made entirely of ice. Like the folks who make this amazing little contraption like to say, “God damn, that’s chill!”

 Price: $24.99

#9: Foria Lube

Ladies, want to introduce a little weed into your sexual life? No, not like that. I know you’re already having sex while you’re high (what aren’t you doing while you’re high?).

I mean literally into it and all over it. Here’s what the miracle workers who invented the stuff have to say about it: “Foria is the first marijuana-infused personal lubricant designed for female pleasure.” Have fun!

Price: $89.99

#8: Grav Slush Cup Bong

This bong is beautiful and also funny. Designed to look like a slurpee cup, the craftspeople who make this piece promise a super smooth smoking experience.

Stick with the theme and hit up your closest 7/11 for munchies before hitting this one.

Price: $169.00

#7: SMOCAN All-in-One Portable Smoking Kit

This is an awesome gadget for the serious stoner who doesn’t go anywhere without a little weed.

An odor-resistant grinder, storage chamber, poker, lighter and pipe holder all wrapped up in a tiny little cylinder. The Swiss Army Knife of Cannabis!


Price: $59.99

#6: 3DPonics Printable Hydroponics System

The single most high-tech breakthrough for committed potheads since learning how to fashion a makeshift pipe out of an empty soda can: 3DPonics has created free downloadable plans for using a 3D printer to make your very own hydroponics setup.

Of course, you need a 3D printer to do it, but either way, you’ve got to take your hat off to whoever figured all this out!

 Price: Free if you own a 3d printer.

#5: Roll-uh-Bowl Portable Bong

With this next one, we’re heading back out on the road. Now you can go wherever it is you go without ever having to be more than a foot away from a smokable bong.

Price $34.99 

#4: A watch that’s also a stash box


If MacGyver had smoked weed, you know he would have had one of these. This watch, made by the Long Island, N.Y.-based company Vaporite, comes in two varieties: One has a hidden grinder for grinding your buds into the shake for joint-rolling ease, and one has a hidden stash box for carrying around your weed on the sly.

The company claims both compartments are smell-proof, which certainly doesn’t make us like these nifty timepieces any less. And yes, these are real, working watches.

Price: $39.99

# 3: Puffit “Inhaler” Vaporizer

This next one’s perfect for all you sneaky little stoners. This vaporizer looks exactly like a regular inhaler.

The next time you’re sick of gym class, just tell your teacher you need to catch a breather and take a quick little toke on sly.

Price: $99.99

#2: Jane’s Brew Cannabis Coffee

Like to wake and bake? Drink coffee in the morning? Why not combine your most important morning rituals with this killer cannabis coffee.

The website says you’ll be feeling the weed in about 15 minutes and that you should stay right for 3-5 hours.

 Price: $5.50-$24.00

#1: Ionix T101 Triple Vape

This semi-portable, semi-tabletop vaporizer uses a “Tri-Vape Coil unit.” Sounds like whatever Spock uses to get stoned.

But whatever; all you need to know is that this vaporizer is super flexible, and you can use it for tiny little hits or massive monster draws.

Price: $179.00

All right that’s enough reading for one day—get baked!

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