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Kryptonite Strain Review and Information

Kryptonite Strain Information


Kryptonite Strain Review and Information

Kryptonite Strain Information


Kryptonite has built a reputation for itself as a consistently strong strain. Since it’s right around 85% indica, it produces some pretty serious body highs. If you’re new to cannabis or if you’ve never hit this strain before you might find yourself feeling a bit couch locked. But many people who are used to puffing on Kryptonite end up finding that it tends to produce some productive effects alongside its heavy sedative ones.


A good batch of Kryptonite usually has THC levels between 25% and 30%. For a little perspective on how strong that is, a good strain of medicinal grade indica cannabis will typically be around 12%-15% THC. Kryptonite is double that. Double the THC, double the power.


Given its super high THC content and the fact that it’s an indica dominant strain, Kryptonite produces some hard hitting body highs. A lot of people feel the effects of this strain for several hours at a time, and maybe even for the entire day. Most users say they end up feeling very sedated and even a bit lethargic.

But after using this strain for a while, you might find that sedated feeling giving way to a healthy sense of euphoria. And loyal Kryptonite users often feel inspirational sparks of creativity as well as a tendency to slip into meditative and contemplative moods.

Smell & Flavor

Kryptonite has a sweet but earthy smell and flavor. It carries a flavor profile that’s slightly piney, slightly tropical, and pleasantly sugary.

Side Effects

The heavy body highs you get from this strain could very well leave you lazy and couch locked. You might get sleepy too, so be sure you test this strain out on a day when you don’t have to be super productive. Many users also experience dry eyes and pretty strong cotton mouth.

Best Way To Use It

For recreational use, Kryptonite is perfect for laid back days and mellow hang out sessions. If you’re trying to relax and take it easy, this could be the perfect strain. Use Kryptonite when you’re trying to write, paint, make art, meditate, do yoga, or mellow out with friends. If you’re looking for a bit more energizing strain, you should probably look somewhere else.

When it comes to medical uses, Kryptonite is ideal for people who struggle to sleep. After smoking a bit of this strain you’ll be feeling sedated, calm, and for most people, this makes it very easy to drift off to sleep. The relatively strong and long-lasting body highs also provide a good way to treat virtually any pain you may be experiencing.

Where It Came From

Kryptonite’s family tree is a bit murky. But word on the street is that it comes from the genius breeders at Oaksterdam University. Most people say it’s the happy cannabis child of Mendocino Purps and Killer Queen.

This strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors, but it’s probably not the best strain for new growers. That’s because pure Kryptonite is a clone-only strain. But more experienced growers will probably find this to be a relatively straight-forward and rewarding strain to grow.

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