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Super Skunk Strain Information

Super Skunk Strain Information


Super Skunk Strain Information

Super Skunk Strain Information

Super Skunk is a marijuana strain known the world over for its distinctive high. But what makes it produce those unique effects? Super Skunk is an award-winner, plain and straightforward. Winner of multiple Cannabis Cup contests, the strain simply oozes cannabis glory.


Its smell is poignant and famously “skunky”, so much so that you wouldn’t expect such a pungent-smelling flower to taste as sweet and fruity as it does. But that’s the beauty of Super Skunk. This strain is an indica-dominant, perhaps one of the most successful of them all. Its effects are as potent and heavy-hitting as the smell and taste.


The Skunk line of cannabis has a long and distinguished history, and it’s safe to say that Super Skunk is the upgraded version of the original. Skunk #1 transforms into Super Skunk when it’s crossed with its actual parent strain: Afghani. Skunk #1 was originally a hybrid of Mexico, Columbia, and Afghanistan strains. The back-crossing genetics created a ‘super’ hybrid, hence the name.

This legendary strain is prevalent everywhere weed is smoked. The Super has impressed everyone from professional cannabis judges to dedicated amateurs. Growers love the upgraded version of the original Skunk because it’s super strong and vigorous. Extremely fast flowering with thick stems and heavy branches loaded with super dense, fat, rounded buds mean growers have no problem moving their produce.


The beautiful buds can be found in any well-stocked cannabis dispensary. This strain produces a bold relaxing effect over the body and is a great answer for increased stress and body pains. As an indica-dominant, Super Skunk delivers a powerful body high, but keeps you in tune with your surroundings.

The deep, body buzz that Super Skunk provides is one filled with relaxation and pleasant thoughts. It takes the indica characteristics and puts them on full blast. Super Skunk tends to produce an attendant couch-lock effect that can be an extremely pleasant experience if you’re looking to both focus and chill.

This is because the rich underlying sativa accents produce a clear-headed high. This way, you get a very dense, calm feeling in your body coupled with a unique awareness of your surroundings.



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